Project 3(i) still a newbie here with my projects

would you please help me with the html tag that will make my landing page video link to be seen in my project and play.
i will really appreciate your help. I am still a newbie to coding.

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Best way to embed a youtube video (as that is what you seem to be referencing in your codepen) is to do the following:

  1. Go to YouTube, find the video you would like to include on your page.
  2. Right-click on the video itself, you’ll get a context menu containing a number of options, including Copy embed code. Click that one.
  3. Return to your codepen, click in the HTML where you want to insert the embedded video, and paste that embed code (if you’re on a laptop/desktop, simply Ctrl-V).

Boom done, just like that. You can edit the width and height of the embedded video if you like, but I would mostly leave the other options on the embed code alone.

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Thank you @snowmonkey

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Hope it helped. Best regards!

Yes it alot Thank you again let me also know where I can improve. Thus if you have time @snowmonkey