Project#3: Product Landing Page -Organic Bananas

Hello everyone I just finish the product landing page about organic bananas. All types of feedbacks are welcome. I’m looking to improve in anyway possible. Thank you!

Well, " Organically Grown Banana" aren’t visible for a desktop user, the video is too large on a mobile and there should be some space between containers of “Basic”, “Standard” and “Deluxe”.

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Thank you for your feedback @sauravk7077. I have adjusted the video to fit the size the screen when its on mobile. a space between the containers has also been added.

That’s better. I realized that space between .container and the video element is very less.

Your page looks good @ltommylel. Something to revisit;

  • FCC teaches HTML5. The frameborder attribute on the iframe element is obsolete. Use CSS instead.

Something to revisit at a later time as your skills grow. When clicking on a navbar link the top of the section is hidden by the navbar. You’ll find a way to prevent that such that the entire section shows.