Project 3: Ty Beanie Babies

This is my project. So far it has passed the test. I still would like to know what you think.
Ty Beanie Babies

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You linked to your tribute page.

Use the downward arrow in the code panes to correct your HTML & CSS errors.

<block-quote> is <blockquote>,<line-break> is <br>, <cite> doesn’t take an URL attribute. Try <cite><a href="">descriptive text</a></cite>

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good, I suggest to make background of the div around the pic green as the whole page or make the photo 100% of the div .

So I changed the site to the corect link.

fixed that, thanks for the feed back. Here is an update. Tribute

This one isfor you, :+1:t5:

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You have lots of spelling errors that’s why it doesn’t work the way you expect.