Project Advice (Vanilla JS)

Hi everyone! Looking for a bit of advice. :hugs:

I’m currently trying to building a basic web app for displaying a small database of questions & answers.

  • The plan is to display submitted questions from customers (that have already been answered on youtube).

  • I’ve already created a JSON file contained objects for each question (inside each object is the month, question, answer and category).

  • I hope to implement 5 features to display questions: view all, view random question, view by month (dropdown box), view by category (dropdown box), and keyword search.

I’ve tried a few different methods of creating this but not really getting anywhere productive with the search/filter parts.

Does anyone have any advice as to what would be the simplest method of creating this, and how to implement the search features? (vanilla JS, ES6 preferably)

Thanks in advance


so will you be using some sort of database to perform the search and filtering over the JSON file? (something like IndexedDB for eg which is a browser based db? )
I imagine it would make this easier for you.

If you have your project code online (i.e. Codepen, jsFiddle, github), we can take a look at what you have tried and see if we can offer a few suggestions. If you do post a link to your code, please try to be specific about what you are trying to do in each specific section, so we can focus our attention on the spots not working as you expect/want.