Project and cost of plugins?

I have a question. What if I wanted to create a project which finally costs $20, but I must to use a plugin which costs for example $90 on this project?

what should I do on this case
and many thanks in advance.

Hi, I see two solutions here. A business and a tech solution.

The business solution is to review your business model. Can you increase the price of that project? Or sell it to more clients thus reducing unit costs? etc.

The tech solution is to review your tech choice. It is very unlikely that your only solution is a paid plugin. If you expand more on your need people may help you find similar solutions free of charge.


thanks so much for your suggestion. I may go for selling it to more clients, but what if the plugin also can not be sold to more than client which means every client must pay $90 only for this plugin plus the price of the project.
I may choose similar plugin which is free or cheaper.
thanks so much.

and other suggestions would be welcome.

If you don’t want to break the law and the license costs $90, you probably should get paid more than $90 from your customer, if you don’t want to get broke soon.

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thanks so much for the advice.

This information should be available and is important for you to determine if its even sensible to use this plugin.

Generally if you can make due without paying 90$ at all is probably a good idea. If your current price point is 20$, even if the plugin is a 1 time 90$, your already in the hole for at least 5 clients/sales until you even see a profit. Not including any other potential costs.

Lots of other considerations should be made beyond “can I afford this one thing” though.

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thanks so much for your helpful reply.

I’m assuming you’re interested in the plugin because $90 is cheaper than spending your own time building the equivalent on what’s probably a fixed bid project?

If the license only allows usage on one project then I would up the cost of each project and maybe revisit the idea of building an equivalent yourself one day in the future. Maybe you can recoup the costs of your time in the long run and maybe it even makes you money in the long run too.

In the short term I’d wager that your best approach is to up the cost of your project if the contract allows it.

It’s pretty normal for a contract to exclude the cost of external factors like paid plugins, stock photos, hosting etc.

If not, eat the cost of your misquote and sort it out on the next project.

If the license does allow you to use the plugin on multiple projects than it might make sense to just spend the $90 and not pass the cost to your client. If it’s something you’re going to use a lot on future projects it’s just an investment that will pay for itself soon enough.

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thanks so much for your suggestions and helpful reply.

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