Project: Appimage downloader and updater script via Python

Note: First of all, I saw that there are some projects that update and update AppImage, but in order to do this, they require software developers to integrate into their applications. So instead, I wrote myself a simple Python script. It has also been a project in which I can improve myself.

About my project:

  • I tried to write as clean and understandable a code as I could, but I’ve only been trying to learn Python for a year.

  • Currently the script works without any problems, but so far I have only tested it myself and it only works in certain applications.

  • Any feedback to improve the script would be great for me.

  • I want to learn as many concepts as I can with this script and write this script in the best way possible.

The things I struggle with:

  • I think file handler shouldn’t be super class. I’ve read that globally assigns are vulnerable but I’m still learning about this topic.
  • Property(getter-setter), class methods.

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