Project Bid question

A friend sent me a bid request to do an application they can utilize on Samsung 8" tablets. I don't know how to go about bidding this as I've only done websites and graphic design in the past. Any feedback much appreciated. Not sure how many hours something like this would take or just a ballpark figure that is fair:

Project Specs:

These are the forms and there will be billing codes that would need to be available in a que to select to attach to the form for service item and it would auto populate the equipment description. The employee would manually enter the rest and once it is signed it would have a send button to transmit the EDWR via email to a set destination. Give me a quote and let me know what you think?!

If you are not sure how long it will take, then you should overestimate the time, because you will probably end up spending more time than you think since you have several other things to learn how to do (i.e. sending via email requires a backend script on a server). Also, not sure what “signed” means, but if it means a digital signature, then you are getting into even more advanced stuff here.

Since we don’t know what your experience level is with building websites, this is really more of a question for yourself than us.

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Billing Guide:

H = number of hours you think it might take to finish work
HR = your hourly rate

You working in peace at your own pace = H x HR
Client constantly emailing you for progress updates = 1.5 x H x HR
Client calling on the phone constantly for updates and brainstorming ideas = 2 x H x HR
Client for even suggesting/asking if they can sit with you and watch while you work = 10 x H x HR

This is very vague… is this a web app, that’s just mobile/tablet friendly? Or a native Android app?

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Client for even suggesting/asking if they can sit with you and watch while you work = 10 x H x HR

Epic line haha

Thanks Randell,

I’ve done some backend work but until I get more info I have no idea if they are wanting an actual app or just a small responsive web form (I’ve never built an android app). I’m new to freelance so thanks for the advice.

Freaking TRUE story. I didn’t charge him 10x, but I told him a big FAT NO!

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Man I don’t blame ya 1 bit. Only way I’d let that happen is if they wanted to learn to be a developer. If that was a case then I’d expect coffee, snacks, and 10X for the education haha.

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