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All I want to know is if the tribute page has to be made about someone well-known. I wanted to do something cute and make a tribute page to my dog for the project.

Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

Link to the challenge:

It sure doesn’t.

(this passed all tests… and serves as a decent example of how ‘clinical’/dry the requirements are… my link is a dead link, for example)

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It does not have to be about someone well known. It can be to a potato if you’d like.
The only requirements are that your page pass all the user stories and be responsive.


Thank you so much!!! I’m excited ~

That’s super cute! What I started doing was writing all the basic stuff that’s required and I’m just going to build up from that. I love animals ~ I decided my username to be what it is because I always seem to make my practice stuff around dogs (sometimes cats)


I did the bare minimum to meet the requirements, but I definitely plan on using this challenge ( as a starting point for helping a friend with a little/fun ‘showcase site’ for youtube video replays (uploaded from a gaming console).

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Yes, personally, I worked through each user story individually. It helped me to post them all at the top of the HTML portion, commented out. I would delete each line as the test(s) related passed.

Tribute the page to whoever you think deserves it. =)

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That’s super cool :slight_smile:

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