Project complete: Personal Portfolio - I would love commments on my code-

Ok… finally the projects it’s done.
Who wants to review the code???
Ty in advance, Lucio


Looks really good!

A couple of suggestions though:

  1. It’s not passing all of FCC’s tests so I’d work towards fixing that.
  2. You could add a couple of your social media links (linkedin , github etc) in the footer and make the contact link in the navbar point to it.

TY! about the contact anchor, now im seeing that i do not connect it.
About the Test, i had a big problem… i guess you are talking about the heigth of the welcome section… truth is, if i put a heigt of vh100 everything get a bit messy… do you know why?

I’m unable to figure out the reason. I’m a beginner here :stuck_out_tongue:
I recommend posting it in the Curriculum Help section. Someone will surely be able to help you there.

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Looked at it on mobile view, I think it’s a beautiful piece of work. Sorry i haven’t checked the FCC tests.

You typed height: 100vh; right? When I updated your code I didn’t see any spacing issues.

great job

it just weird on my end, why is that the bandwith never stop when opening your pen? it consume 49mb just over 2min seeing your work.

Morning… maybe the pictures sizes? I forgot to upload optimized version. Any spacing issue on your viewport?

That’s my problem… if i tend to complete the 12 User Stories… Boom, content overlapping. Tried to get the next section via ID and tryed to push it down. No satisfactory result…

i was added min-height: 100vh; to your welcome section, and i seen normal on my end, before i stop the never ending bandwith. lol.

ALRIGHT! i am new here BUT already cant understand anyhting. you spend time on this so it should good. GOOD LUCK

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Ok… Thank you very much for your time. I will move on to the next excercises.
Sorry for the bandwidth. hahahaha. Next time i will remember.

happy coding.

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Good job.
And the content is really interesting. It opens my eyes to something I didn’t know.
A new favorite page. Thank you

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hhahahah Thank you very much for your support!