Project completed but not advancing!

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I completed the project locally on VS Code and successfully ran all 5 tests, then committed the changes to the GitHub repository, then cloned the repo to replit and it crashes.
I installed nodemon mongoose and node-fetch in replit already still nothing. Any solutions are highly appreciated

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GitHub repository: GitHub - Dav3-cloud/Stock_Price_Checker_Freecodecamp

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User Agent is: Google Chrome for Mac

Challenge: Stock Price Checker

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Do you have a link to the replit? Are you getting any error messages?

This is the link to replit:

The error that I am getting is this: unpromise rejection warning

I’m not sure how to diagnose this because I don’t have access to your env variables so I can’t really check it out.

I will say that it seems to hit your endpoint and I gets into trouble when it is trying to hit the db. I would put in some console.log statements to try and narrow down where the problem is.

The error you are getting usually means that a promise was rejected and you aren’t handling it. You are using async/await so those should probably be wrapped in try/catch blocks so you can catch the error being thrown.

That being really the question. I know that replit is not allowing .env files anymore and now is using the const mySecret to save the database access, api keys, etc.
I will look for a way to fix this with what you suggested.

Thanks a lot for the help!!

Yeah, I seem to remember that replit had their own way of doing that, that you didn’t enter them into a .env file but enter them into their interface. You still use them in the code the same way, you just store them differently.

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