Project Completion in other programming language?

I was curious to know whether we could complete the projects in freeCodeCamp using other programming language? Like using django for the backend stuffs instead of Node.js? or Vue.js in place of React.js?
Is it possible guys?

You sure can. The projects have test cases, but those should test behavior, not implementation. As long as your projects and their source code is publicly available, you can do it the way you like.


Does that mean I can complete backend stuffs with django in freeCodeCamp?

Yes. There are challenges that are designed to teach specific back end technologies, but if you want to use something different, just don’t do those challenges.

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That’s really helpful to hear,Thank you for your words!
Can you also tell the steps that I should take to get certifications using django,I meant that let’s say if I completed pinterest clone project in django,but codepen doesn’t have that support so then what should I do?

Submit the link to your project at

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Will github link with django project work?

There should be a live version of your application that people can see and interact with.

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