Project Euler Problems 1 to 100 - Problem 7: 10001st prime

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I filter the primes for the divisible Numbers. Hence if the divisible numbers array is 0,the number is a prime number, as it is not divisible by any of the other prime numbers withh modulus === 0.

I haven’t found a mistake here.

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function nthPrime(n){

  let primes = [2]
  let testNumber = 3

  while(primes.length <= n){  
    let filteredPrimes = primes.filter( x => testNumber%x === 0) 
    if(filteredPrimes.length === 0){

  return primes[primes.length - 1]


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Challenge: Project Euler Problems 1 to 100 - Problem 7: 10001st prime

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This is one problem! Do you want the length to exceed n?

This will drastically slow down your code. You should comment it out when running the tests!

If you fix those two things, you will pass almost every test. But, you will still not quite pass the last one because your approach isn’t fast enough for very large inputs.

You can fix this one of two ways

  1. Use a faster approach

  2. Use an alternative to this expensive filter

here are small formatting fixes:

function nthPrime(n) {
  const primes = [2];
  let testNumber = 3;

  while (primes.length <= n) {
    const filteredPrimes = primes.filter(x => testNumber % x === 0);
    if (filteredPrimes.length === 0) {

  return primes[primes.length - 1];

Hi thanks for the answer. :))

It is still odd that it is not going trough.
Ah, the while loop keeps on adding the testNumber until we have added n primes into the array. :))

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