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I was having trouble with Date datatype for mongodb, so I saved the date as unix timestamp and perform conversion whenever I have to display. My code fails all tests that involve handling date(except last one as I havent implemented it yet), although my output does matches the requirement.

Appreciate any help.

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githubLink: GitHub - iitdelhi2017/boilerplate-project-exercisetracker: A boilerplate for a freeCodeCamp project.

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Hello there,

When I run your code, I see these errors in the console:

Typically, this comes about due to your app crashing part way through the tests. Usually, because of an unhandled error.

Specifically, I can see this is an issue:


Hope this helps

Great help! thank you. I have successfully finished this project.

But I have a doubt. While debugging, I used 2 different statements.

  1. if(data!=null)
  2. if(data.exercise.length>0)

where data is object received in callback function.
Although both evaluated to true during debugging, I got test timed out with statement 1 but not with statement 2.
What could be the reason? Or is there something else?

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Once again, great thanks for your help.

The issue is how you are handling the error:

    if(err) console.error(err);
    var logs=[];

If you encounter an error, you should return from the function. NOT continue to look for the data. The same goes for other callbacks you have.

Hope this helps

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