Project Feed Back: Web Site

Hey everyone~

Happy Thursday! I posted this while back, but didnt get any responses. I would love feed back on overall look, feel, and functionality. This is my first website. I had to make up a lot of stuff because I do not have a lot of projects built yet.

Thank you!

I like the fake project pics and the font.

This is my one:

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wow your project looks great!!!

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You are way too kind. The cinemagraph at the top is really easy to embed and it does give it a little bit of oomph.


I think you did a pretty good job, but ofcourse, it needs some more work (over time).
Also, i feel like making a portfolio site is too hard to start with (that is at least my personal experience).

For example, it needs a lot of scrolling to go from “hello” to your portfolio thumbnails.
That part could use some kind of animation (kind of a scrolling animation or just an href?

You don’t use capital letters (mostly), but suddenly you start using them at the very end in “About”.

An lastly, you used some “java”?
I don’t see any java or am i overlooking something :slight_smile:

Good job overall !

PS: Don’t take my critique offensive! (i always try to givesome positives and negatives)

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Thank you! I need this kind of critique. yes i need to fix that… how do you suggest for me to fix the long scroll issue?


The easy way out is to use a href pointing to an element with a specific ID (example)

Or maybe use some jquery solution (example)

You could implement option 1 until you figured out option 2?