Project feedback and help with images issue

Hi all,
After a few weeks of hard work, I completed my web design certification. Extremely pleased and grateful to freeCodeCamp for the wonderful learning experience so far.

I’m having an issue with viewing my personal portfolio website on a mobile browser. The images for some reason do not show up. They do show however on a desktop browser.
I was wondering if someone could take a look at this through their phone and help me out.
Also, any general feedback on the project would be highly appreciated!
It’s a very basic design, but will definitely build on it to make it something special!


I should note that all images are .jpg format, hosted on my personal domain and in the region of 100-200 kb

So, now what is this:

It looks like your browser is not allowing to fetch the image because I visited your image’s link and this what I get and not only on mobile, the images won’t show on laptop too

I see, thank you for the feedback. Does this have to do with the SSL certificate maybe? I only bought the domain and hosting a few days ago but haven’t setup the ssl yet…

Your website is working fine but the image’s source is not working

It seems that the issue lies with the src being https instead of http, while my domain doesn’t have an SSL yet. I changed the links to http and images do show up now.
Of to sort out my SSL certificate now!
Like I said, any feedback on the design, colors, sections etc would be appreciated.

thanks again for the feedback

Now it’s working :+1:

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