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Hello, Fellow Campers,

I would love some feedback or constructive criticism on my newest project Dice. This is a personal project and somewhat of a milestone for me. It is a project I promised myself I would build a few months ago when I was first starting web dev. I told myself when I had enough skill I would build it. So, I’m happy I was able to accomplish it. The project was built with HTML, SCSS and, vanilla JavaScript.

live preview: Dice
Github repo: GitHub - jahson8/dice-roll

Thanks in advance to everyone that checks it out.

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Very well done buddy.

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Thanks. I appreciate that!

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Nicely done!
Definitely a great job on using semantic HTML, neat design of css/scss and also clean js file!
Things also get exciting and nice when you use something like 6 dices.

I think as for the next step I can suggest including some back-end logic and make some http calls within your app. I was thinking maybe the current page can turn into a dice game where the user would get a prize if she had number 6 four times.
Having that change you can have a set of users and also keep their history of wins and losses in a database (or JSON file for now). And then call back-end to get those data.

Great job on creating a nice neat page though! And good luck! :call_me_hand:

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good job, it’s really cool

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These are really great suggestions! The back-end logic is going to take some more learning, but I’ll work up to it. The persisting of the data however might be right at my skill level. I’ll look into local storage.

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Thanks so much. I appreciate your time.

I had a blog I was using local storage for. Then switched to firebase to use their database for data storage. Might be worth looking into. I have ZERO experience using databases outside of my blog project, but I was able to figure out firebase pretty quickly.

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