Project Feedback for CS course project

Longtime user and lurker here… Looking for some feedback in the form of use and a survey submission…

I would love for you to check out my project for Educational Technology. I originally envisioned an SAT practice app that would keep you motivated through ratings, project SAT scores, and leaderboards.

For my original vision, I believe I have a fully functional application. I initially thought I would have 3-400 unique problems, but reality set in and that was a very time consuming process.

Instead, I implemented a dynamic question system in which variables within the questions would change which would cause the multiple choice answers to change as well. There is benefit to doing a problem again.

As you check out my project, I would love for you to create an account and sign in (the site is not secure so use a throw-away username and password).While using the application, I would love for you to check out different features, such as practice mode(work through a few problems), targeted practice mode( the first types of algebra problems have the most variety. Many types have no questions written for them.)Then check out the leaderboards, your progress, and your rating and projected SAT score.

Keep in mind that it is not production ready, and as such, you may encounter ways to game the system. Please try to avoid doing so.

After checking out the application, there is a small 10 question survey I would love for you to take.

The application:

The survey:

In doing so, you will receive a lot of good karma.

Hey, the link to the application doesn’t seem to be working.

Thanks, my web server seemed to have gone down…

The .html extnesion was missing from the address… rookie mistake.