Project feedback for my random quote machine

Hi all! Finally here is my Random Quote Machine:

Link to live APP
Link to REPO

All tests passed, but I will appreciate very much if someone can check the code on it’s repo, I was fighting a lot with the console on this one with the useEffect, so if anyone can check that I will very thankfull.

Is made only with react, didn’t use any css lib, because I feel more comfortable with sass from the scratch (I guess that is ok).

Also I have 2 questions

  1. I can´t validate the html with w3, ofc beacuse everything is generated with js, there is another way to validate? Or I’m ok just with eslint warnings?
  2. I have this warning:
[Deprecation] 'window.webkitStorageInfo' is deprecated. Please use 'navigator.webkitTemporaryStorage' or 'navigator.webkitPersistentStorage' instead.

what it means? is something that I had to worry about??

Here is a little definition of what it means when something is deprecated “ Deprecation, in its programming sense, is the process of taking older code and marking it as no longer being useful within the codebase , usually because it has been superseded by newer code.”

So the code you are using is old, and there is a new way of doing something. That why that warning offers you several other options.

As far as your project goes it looks good, but there are two things i would do.

1). Add some space between the quote and
The name of the person with the image.

2). It looks like you have the image centered which makes the name of the person go to the left. I would change it so that line itself is centered. Or you could keep the img centered and the center the name below the img

Both these are from mobile view. So, I am not sure what it looks like on a laptop screen

oh I know what deprecated is, my question is about the error, comes from the bundle.js generated from babel

Right, all it is saying is that


Is deprecated, and it suggests that you use




instead of using window.webkitStorageInfo

It is not coming from your code so there is nothing you can do about it. It is coming from the test bundle.js

yeah, i found it just before read your message lol. Thanks

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