Project Feedback For My Redesigned Portfolio

Hi. I just redesigned my portfolio project. It turned out well. I am still a early teenager and I don’t expect it to be amazing. Anny and all feedback would be welcome. Here is the project.

Bradley Budach

Get rid of the skills bars. Better would be to list some projects where you have encountered these technologies.
If you don’t want to be contacted, don’t provide a contact form.
You have an inaccessible “here” link.
I think the projects should be spaced out better.
I like the top section with the animation. Generally I like the style.

Thanks for the great feedback @JohnnyBizzel, but can you elaborate on “spaced out better”.

For each project it takes up the entire width making it hard to read. The bigger the screen, the worse it gets.

I see what you mean. I also just checked all the here links and they work just fine for me.

I take it you are not blind?
Here is what I mean about accessibility: