Project feedback for thirst try to do a landing page

give a glance to my landing page it’s taken me too long for my mind to have the power to do this :slight_smile:

Nice first try! I like the box shadows you have going on there. I would

  1. capitalize your title.
  2. Space between product cards seem too big. Try bringing them closer together.
  3. Swap dollar sign and numbers. It should be $5 instead of 5$.
  4. Make 5$ product card as big as the 10$ card. Give them a set width and height.
  5. Change mouse cursor when it hovers on buttons.
  6. Fix title. In all honesty, I don’t understand what you mean by " every phone in the world less money last teck"

:clap: Otherwise good job!

thank you very much shimphillip i can’t say much more english is not my native language but thank you very much for your reply :smile: