Project Feedback for Tribute Page on the National Society of Black Engineers

Hi everyone,

I feel like there’s a lot more I could do with design. I was thinking about adding a gallery, navigation bar, and a section with models that pop up with more information on each founder. What do you think?

I tried to plan it out first, but then I found myself nearly overplanning. So this is what I did:

  1. I decided what the tribute page would be about.

  2. Put the content I wanted to display in a word document.

  3. Made and labeled my div tags for the types of content and information.

  4. I realized I didn’t want to work from scratch so I went to learn some bootstrap.

  5. I integrated bootstrap classes into some elements.

I definitely would like to improve the first header and picture area.
Question: How do you plan your designs? Do you prefer using prototyping software or drawing on paper?

Thanks for the feedback,

Really nice work Darren. You obviously had some coding experience before tackling
this first project! Keep it up! :slight_smile: My codepen editor was not nearly so neat
or beautiful. Lol.

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback. :grin:

Good job ! Keep it up man @darrenbutler

Looks good on monitor and mobile view, well done :+1: