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I finished the Markdown Previewer project and am looking to get some feedback. Links:

I have a question regarding my code. Because of the way I structured my app with components, I had to do some prop drilling. Would it make sense in this case to additionally implement Context API to avoid some of the prop drilling or is it OK the way it is?

I did end up implementing Context API today (figured it would be a good practice to do it anyway), so my code is slightly different now. By using Context API I did manage to nicely clean up my App.js and move my business logic from there to my Context.js file and to limit some of the prop drilling that I previously relied on. If anyone is interested you can see the changes by checking out my latest repository commit.

Wow, this is really cool. I’m going through the rest of your GitHub profile and it has inspired me to begin breaking away from CodePen. Thank you for sharing your work and I wish you all the best.

Yeah GitHub is really great place for storing and publishing your projects. Here you can find a good guide for deploying a react app on GitHub, you might find it useful. Otherwise I am using WSL2 for Windows as my development environment, so if you are on Windows you can use WSL2 or work directly from Windows. If you are using a Mac or Linux than it is even easier to set it up and you can work directly from the terminal there.

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Thanks for the link! It looks overwhelming at first glance but that’s the beauty of it.

First time I did it and was setting up the environment in WSL2, it was overwhelming for me too. You just have to take your time and do it a couple of times and then it gets much easier.

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