Project feedback, my portfolio

Hello everyone, I have recently finished the first draft of my portfolio and would like feedback on it.
(hit refresh to load it, it’s a known issue)
Any feedback you have is welcome!
Particularly, is the “contact me” square blank on your end? It is on my desktop but not on my phone for some reason.
How would be a good way to improve performance, it’s relatively slow to load on the first load. How can I shave down that loading time?
Other feedback is also welcome!

One of the reasons your site takes so long to load is because of the animated background and glow effects.
I would suggest that you just use the text-shadow css property to add glowing effects and maybe use processing.js or p5.js to do the background on a canvas (if you haven’t already).

Yeah. After all, you did a great job on styling your portfolio.
I don’t blame you for making it so slow. One of the hardest parts of programming for me is making things fast and good without so much lag.

Keep up the awesome work. Great job.


Thanks for the feedback! I will for sure look up those background effects.
One question, on the front page does the picture for the contact box show? On my computer it isn’t showing, but on my wife’s computer it does.

Oh yes. It’s showing properly.
Try tweaking it from your computer. Try resizing the browser in different ways. Since I don’t have access to the code, I can’t tweak it. Try using CSS flexbox to do it.

For an example:

<div id = "subject-wrapper">
<div id = "my-projects"></div>
<div id = "my-resume"></div>
<div id = "contact-me"></div>

and then style the wrapper to something like this:


Using the display:flex css property will “squish” everything and display them all.

Hi @Imstupidpleasehelp. Your portfolio looks good but like @ConnerOw1115 said, you really need to do something about the load time. It took almost 2 minutes to load on my network. If that occurred to me as a client, i wouldn’t visit the site again.

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@nibble, a faster way to display the site is to, once you go to it, refresh it immediately.

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I’ve noticed that too, I have no idea why that is though.

I wonder why that is as well. Try to add an event listener for loading:

   //draw a loading screen or something.

I mean, the event listener triggers the function right after the website loads, but I guess that will make loading faster.

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I changed the background, which improved the loading a lot. However there is still the issue of it being a blank screen before hitting refresh. After I come home from work I will have to troubleshoot that some more.

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