Project feedback newbie

please advise where i need to improve.
my navbar links when opening go into dead ends
thank you.

You have set up a tags correctly. Make sure the targeted elements have corresponding ids.

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thank you shimphillip
would please give me a hint where i need to correct
because i see my navbar links all look similar but only 1 is responding when being clicked

You have not included the links in the original doc as id’s.
For e.g.,there is no id in the document named “the cost of a borehole” as in the menu. It can be seen wrapped inside a header tag. I would recommend you to use div and add the necessary id’s to achieve the result you want.

@566666, revisit this lesson to get your navigation working properly

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You page is not mobile friendly or responsive like the example project we are basing our projects off of.
You left out the Javascript code examples too.

Hi. Brandon check at the top first comment
I have put a link there.
Thank you I will be waiting for your help.