Project Feedback on TechnicalDocumentationPage

please give feedback on my technical documentation page.

thank you

There is no font tag in HTML5 use CSS.

Review and correct your markup. Lots of errors. Maybe use a validator.

References is misspelled.

The anchor for references doesn’t come up to the top of the
page, but IRL so many last anchors in the nav don’t either. If you wanted you could make that section taller so it could do it. Up to you.

Looks like a documentation site.

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thank you,I will correct.

I am new to HTML coding,I need few clarifications.
Do we need to validate every html file on w3schools validator?
what happens if we dont validate?

Just a suggestion to help you find your errors easier. View source in firefox colors mistakes red. You could use it. I didn’t know w3schools had a validator. If you don’t close elements properly or close them in the wrong order it may affect the appearance.

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I dont have firefox.I have corrected using w3schools validator.
thank you.