Project Feedback- Product Landing Page

Hello, I’ve created my product landing page.
Here is a link to it:
I am looking for some suggestions that can make my code and page look better.


Nice. I see you were able to pass all the tests. But I think design-wise, you should still improve your page. Start with the following:

  1. center the vertically center logo-image and text in the nav-bar
  2. remove the default style of underline and colour of anchor tags in the nav-bar and add font and colour of your own choice
  3. overall reduce the size of buttons and text
  4. don’t let hovering over the select button change the size of the product boxes
  5. create a more stylish footer

Thank you so much for your suggestions.
But i wanted to know how to make a box stop hovering when the button inside it has a hovering effect?
I tried it but i am unable to do so.