Project Feedback - Quote generator and Weather App

Hi, my name is Stephen, and I’m getting started with FCC. I’m still not really sure how much time I should be spending on each project. Is there more that I should be adding to these projects? I certainly can, but is it worth the time, or will my time be better spent getting to more advanced projects? Thank you so much for your help!

Here are links to my projects:

Your stuff is way better than mine. I don’t think there are any real rules for how you approach this Free Code Camp. I’ve seen some people who have the quote generator filled with code I have no idea about. React, Angular, wild CSS that has little moving clouds, all kinds of stuff.

I reckon the idea is not to power through the material as fast as you possibly can or to slowly perfect every project that you run across, but rather to learn and absorb what you are working on. I got stuck on the quote generator for like a month. It took me forever to figure out how to work an API. Right now my quote generator is ugly as sin, but I’m not to upset about it. I’m just happy it’s working. I can go back and spruce it up later if I feel the need. The important thing I took away from that project is how API works - it only took me two days to get a rudimentary weather app running since I spent all that time earlier figuring out API.

Anyway, based on these two sites I would say you are not in the same boat as me. You seem to have a pretty solid grasp on the basics, so if I were you I would push on into territory that is new and challenging. The point is to learn new stuff.