Project FeedBack - React Pomodoro Clock - works as needed but fails 3 tests ?!

i just finished React Pomodoro Clock.
It seems that works as requested but it fails 3 tests.

I kindly ask you for some feedback if possible.

Thank you!

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Hey, it looks like you are passing all but one tests now. Nice!

To get the last test to pass the session length needs to be able to go up to 60, but not over. :slight_smile:

first of all thank you for your time!


I should not be able to set a session or break length to > 60.

Value in element with id of “break-length” is greater than 60.: expected ‘59’ to equal ‘60’

i think it fails this test because i am using moment.js library.
the timer will never arrive at 60 or pass it, because 60 sec is seen by moment as 00 or 1 min.