Project Feedback: Technical Documentation Page

Hello, here is my latest complete project: Technical Documentation Page

Initially i didnt exactly comprehend what a technical documentation stand for(maybe i still dont) and i went to invent the content from scratch, then i realized i should really just find a source and paste most of my page content. It took a while to edit all those data and export to html but taught me a great deal.
My css isnt absolutely polished, but it works. A minor problem i encountered while working with flexbox is, i cant make last row child item(s) same width as other rows, but i assume its a flaw of the flexbox design.

Nice job on your page @Sylvant. The only thing Iā€™d say to revisit is the following;

  • on line 84 in your code you have the following, /run i=GetNumQuestChoices() if i<2 then GetQuestReward(1)...
    if you run your code through a validator it will throw an error because being HTML it expects valid HTML when it sees the angle bracket (<).
    What you can/should do is use the HTML entity &lt; so your line would become;
    /run i=GetNumQuestChoices() if i&lt;2 then GetQuestReward(1)...

thanks, i saw that on the validator but thought its just glitch with the <code> tag.

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