Project Help- Survey Builder

What am I doing wrong with the user story #5? I’m asking for the user to put in their email.

Disregard all other steps, I’m only focusing on what I’m doing wrong in user story #5.

Make sure you are reading the error logs carefully. Read the boxes under lists carefully. For example #5 wants you to add ‘required’ to email input.

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Right. The issue is that the email field should be required. It’s a simple fix you can find on MDN, or even the Bootstrap site

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MDN? Bootstrap? I’m not familiar with what you’re saying

Sorry dude. MDN is Mozilla Development Network. It’s a really thorough place on the internet for answering questions. Bootstrap is a framework you will learn from freeCodeCamp as you go along.

As for your question, if you Google search something like “html form input required” you should find the answer.

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