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Hello I’m going through my html and css study and I just wanted to ask , how do people come up with ideas on projects to practise.
When I go to start something new completely off the cuff my mind just goes blank .
It’s sorting of making me think should I just concentrate on back end coding, maybe I’m not creative enough for front end.
I really love coding and solving problems .

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You don’t have to be “creative” to be a front end dev, at least not in the sense that you mean here. Sure, it’s good to be a creative problem solver, but not in coming up with app ideas or designs - most companies will have people to do that.

Need ideas for demo apps? Come up with dumb and pontless ones. Steal ideas. Look at a bunch of apps - real and/or demo - and get inspired, mix and match’ etc. They want to hire you because you area good coder, not because you can think of good app ideas. Just pick something and build it.

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Hi @Chizzy1,

For me, we all are creative in some ways. You will see with time, in doing more and more projects, with a stronger background, that you will be able to create whatever you want. You are a beginner and you didn’t face many situations, many websites to code etc, so it is normal to be like you are now. Plus, @kevinSmith is completely right. I don’t know exactly what you want to do, but if it is coding website, you will have a team who works on the design and you coding what they designed. So don’t be hard with yourself and give yourself time :wink:

Check out frontend mentor for some practice projects. You get the assets and specs.

Another option is using sites like dribbble to look for designs to implement. Or whenever you see some page that you like or just elements of the page, try implementing them.

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