Project.json in Visual Studio For Mac

I’ve created a new Asp.NetCore MVC project in VS for Mac and chose an Empty Project. I’m trying to enable ASP.NET Core MVC by adding “Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc” on the Project.json file but I can’t find it in VS for Mac. Do I need to add any dependencies/packages to my project or something?

If you created an Empty Asp.NetCore MVC project, the MVC components should already be there. Try checking your installed packages.

Tools > NuGet Manager > Manage NuGet Packages for Solution

Also, search NuGet website to add packages to your project.

Thank you. According to Microsoft has changed the project.json file to csproj.

Yes, Visual Studio configurations are stored in a .vs folder. For each project, the csproj contains settings and configurations. NuGet packages are stored in the package folder.


Try these courses.
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Ah Thank you, those were really helpful.