Project Landing Page Feedback

Here it is. It’s not quite complete due to not paying full attention to the user stories at the end but what do people think? Is there any issues? I just have to change my header to be fixed at the top and figure out how to sort the email link out.
Is it possible to wrap my current font-awesome icon into an img tag? And also the layout is only optimized for screens larger than about 300ish px do I need to worry about screens smaller than this!?

Edit: I haven’t really put any effort into the writing on the landing page so I’m sorry if it’s all nonsense!

Thanks, Luke :slight_smile:

yeah, i was about to ask you why was there a muppets video in a hotel reservation page :joy: anyways , on smaller screen sizes the email form doesn’t show completely and also both the “Watch this short video…” and features section could use a little padding to the left.

Ah I wasn’t sure if I had to deal with sizes that went that small :disappointed_relieved: