Project Landing Page Issue help


I think I have everything all done as far as all the requirements but for some reason it’s not liking any of my ids after the nav bar nor does it see the url that the submit button is pointing to when I try to run tests. Does anyone know if maybe there is an issue with the site? Or is there an issue with my code?

Any help would be welcome.



I think the problem is that your id tags aren’t unique. Each id should be used only once in your HTML but currently you are using id="video" twice, so freeCodeCamp doesn’t find your actual video. Check your id tags again and make sure that each id has its unique name.

Thanks that did fix a few of the errors. I first had them on the section tag but when I added them to the other tags I forgot to change them on the section. That definitely resolved several issues. Now I just gotta look into the submit button since that’s my last 3 errors lol

You have some nesting issues with your closing form tag and the surrounding section and div tags. (You might actually have one too many closing div tags too.) That will fix most of your submit button woes.

Also your email input needs a name attribute or there won’t be any value sent for that field. That should fix the remaining error.

Your Ids have to be unique. That will fix your issue.

Please note that for your next project and keep learning HTML,CSS.

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Happy New Year 2019!!!