Project Landing Page-JLM pharma

Hey guys,

Check out my product landing page! Please provide some constructive criticism/feedback!. For some reason my logo won’t show up when I add my code to codepen. It seems to work fine when I open it up in a chrome browser.

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Hey, great start!

This is your image’s url: img/logo2.jpg.png.
It won’t load because you don’t have an img folder inside your Codepen project’s page. Nor an logo2.jpg.png image inside it. For these Codepen challenges, you’ll need to use images hosted online. Look for any free https image on Google.

Also, quick fix for your local file: logo2.jpg.png. Use the proper file extension, which I assume is logo2.png.

And finally, your page is wider than the viewport and ends up with a horizontal scroll.
Try removing

width: 800px;
margin-left: 280px;



I hope this helped!

Nice project.
Apart from what @arkentien2 told,pls correct following:
1.Between nav bar and main heading (“About JLM Pharmaceuticals”) lot of margin space is there.
2.Instead of of “px” try to use “vw” for font ,margins,padding…so that even screen width changes certain extent your web page looks same. can give margin bottom for your nav-link items(about,services,contact).

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Appreciate the feedback. Thanks guys!