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Hello, i trying to pass in the test " You can send a POST request to /api/threads/{board} with form data including text and delete_password . The saved database record will have at least the fields _id , text , created_on (date & time), bumped_on (date & time, starts same as created_on ), reported (boolean), delete_password , & replies (array)."

my code is:
//Mongoose Schema and Model Database
const repliesSchema = mongoose.Schema({
“text”: {type: String, required: true},
“delete_password”: {type: String, required: true},
“created_on”: {type: Date, required: true},
“reported”: {type: Boolean, default: false}
const Replies = mongoose.model(“Replies”, repliesSchema);

const threadSchema = mongoose.Schema({
	"board": String,
	"text": String,
	"delete_password": String,
	"created_on": {type: Date},
	"bumped_on": {type: Date},
	"reported": {type: Boolean, default: false}, 
	"replies": [repliesSchema],
	"replycount": {type: Number, default: undefined}

const Thread = mongoose.model("Thread", threadSchema);

//POST request and save in the database
.post(async(req, res) => {
let theBoard = req.body.board;
if(!theBoard) {
theBoard = req.params.board;
let newThread = new Thread({
board: theBoard,
text: req.body.text,
delete_password: req.body.delete_password,
created_on: new Date().toUTCString(),
bumped_on: new Date().toUTCString(),
replies: ,
reported: false

For me it is working fine, the request is saved in the database but the test keep failing. Anyone can help me and figure out what is happening?

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