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I have tried solving this by my own and have successfully completed it in glitch but it is still not getting tested successfully by fcc.

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here’s the link to my glitch project :

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Challenge: File Metadata Microservice

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You need two things:

  1. Implement cors. For that, just install the package with the same name and then copy paste the following code:
const app = express();
const cors = require("cors");

const allowedOrigins = [
    origin: (referer, cb) => {
      if (allowedOrigins.indexOf(referer) !== -1) {
        return cb(null, true);
      console.debug('Referer:', referer);
      cb(new Error("You shall not pass!"));
    status: 200
  1. You need to implement an endpoint called /api/fileanalyse, which is the supposed to receive the files. This should be mentioned on the instructions, but it’s not, sorry about that :sweat_smile:. You can rename your current / endpoint with the /api/fileanalyse and it should work.
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oh my thanks a lot. Now that you mentioned it I do remember that fcc tests the api so it must correspond with cors to allow request from different sites. Again thanks a lot for replying and helping.

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