Project Planning: Appointment Calendar App


I’d like to make an appointment calendar web app as a way to practice my coding skills. The main features include:

  • Teacher can set appointment blocks as open or closed, using times and dates
  • Teacher can see open appointments, appointment requests, and booked appointments
  • Teacher can accept or reject appointment requests
  • Student can view and request open appointments from “public calendar”
  • Student can view and cancel their booked appointments on “private calendar” (each student will have a private lesson profile page, out of scope for this project)

I’m hoping to get practice using JS Events, Promises, Async/Await. Does this project seem like a good way to practice these? Does REDUX make sense to use here? I’d like to practice React/Redux as well, but am unsure when implementing Redux makes sense. Is this project complex enough?

Thank you!

This project is more than complex enough. Calendars & appointments are notoriously challenging features.

That said, it should be an excellent project to practice React & Redux if you stick with it long enough. I imagine you would have to implement some sort of a backend to serve as reservation system and maybe authentication as well, so it’s a good fullstack project overall.

@Banhawy Could I develop with ‘dummy data’ and add the backend later?

Sure, that’s the best way to start. I usually start with dummy data like arrays & objects containing my mock data on the frontend.

When I feel the react application is mature & stable enough I use a local express server with desired endpoints and I move the mock data from the React application to the Express server, replacing the code in the frontend with api calls to my mock Express server.

Many thanks, sir. I appreciate the guidance.