Project Porfolio - HTML5 <nav> menu tags or links

Greetings all. I’m working on portfolio page and am using the HTML5 < nav > tag to create the menu required in the tasking. It will give me the link details in the lower left corner, and it appears correct, but it won’t go to that line when I click the link. I’ve looked for ways to either tag the line to link the nav menu entry to it, and am coming up empty handed.

I’m also having a problem with my ‘About Me’ text, as it underlines when I mouse over it. Any suggestions?

I’m still working on the details but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Here is the link to my Pen

For the links, you’ll want to add an id to each of the headers you want to be able to navigate to. For example id="about-me" and then reference that in your a tag like this: <a href="#about-me">About Me</a>

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As for the other issue it is because you have not closed your img tag.


Thanks #jondcoleman. I appreciate the second set of eyes to see it. That fixed it, for both problems.