Project Portfolio-Feedback and Suggestion

Project Link- Portfolio AKD
I would appreciate any feedback.
Struggled how to add Smooth scrolling and highlight the nav bar while going through the particular section and finally left those.Any suggestions.
Thank you.


Looked pretty good man!!!

Keep it up!!!

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Really cool! Great colors and easy to navigate.

Only 2 tiny typos (I’m a proofreader, I couldn’t help notice)
About session:
A foodie,movie buff and and

  1. Need space after comma
  2. Need to delete repetition (and and)

A foodie, movie buff and

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…Couldn’t help but notice

Thank you.:slight_smile:
I was unaware of that.Now changed it.

Looks good. I like the images you chose

Thank You.Good to hear that i made some thing good.

Exquisite design man… Keep it up

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Your page looks amazing! keep up the good work. I noticed a few small things that I would change.

 1. 'skills' is missing an 'L' in the design skills heading
 2. I really like the change of color when hovering over a navigation item but i would change the text color                                 to black so you can see what you are hovering over.

The page is beautiful. I think the hover elements on the social network icons is a great touch.

I would appreciate any feedback.

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Great job man. Some tweaks: transitions should be slightly faster on your photo and on about me section (it looks like page is lagging).

Yes you are right about transition, I have just changed them. Thank you very much for your review.

Viewed it on mobile
Not responsive
Try using bootstrap and cross test on browser
Other wise looks neat

My portfolio, please your suggestions

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