Project Portfolio finished using Grid Layout Manager


I have put a lot of effort to complete this project. My goal was to learn about responsiveness and choose to build the page with the new Grid Layout manager. When I got more experience with the Grid Layout Manager I rewrote the tribute page to use this layout also. You can click on the TributePage-Tile to view my previous project.

Secondly, I wanted to use the semantic tags like section, article, header, footer. This can be a big pain because the grid-layout manager will allocate grid-cells for these tags. But finally I worked it out.

You can visit my project page: my portfolio page


It’s cool :slight_smile: But I think you should change colors

Well, colors are difficult. I FIRST tried innocent colors like blue but that was boring.

But I will redesign this page for future personal use and make it “less” colorfull.