Project Portfolio Page

hello I have done the portfolio page but I am VERY new into coding but catch on fast and love doing it so my page pics loads sometimes and sometimes it does not I thought it was the browsers but that does not appear to be it , any feedback on any of my page plz let me know I am trying to make this a career so I want to learn as much as possible . Thank you for your time

it might help if you added a link so we could take a look :wink: lol I did say I was very new

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I completely understand, lol. I did exactly the same thing this morning :wink:

looking at your code, I pulled out the urls of the images in there, like, which doesn’t seem to load anything

so, I have two guesses… either there’s nothing there, or it requires special permissions to see that photo, like being logged in to smugmug

regardless, I don’t think it is your code causing the problem, it has something to do with the images that are from… I don’t know how to fix it, but I hope that helps

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Way to go … yea I set the images private :frowning: :cry: I think that answered my question thank you so much

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