Project problem

Hello,i need some help.
I have bumped into a weird error, whereby, when i attach the source script of the fcc codepen to my html so that i can test my survey form, it goes blank. When i transform the code into a comment, the survey form runs fine,it shows the data.
What seems to be the problem and how can i fix it?

Can you share a link to your codpen project?

try pasting the link for the Js library in the settings of your Pen under the JS settings.

Iam also facing the same problem… even i submit the survey-form . it says correct but project is not completed in the curriculum…

i did that and still bearing the same result

scratch that, it totally worked and ive managed to pass the tests…thank you.

@ shimphilip
It is not the pretiest, but not the worst looking.

I figured out the problem though, i actually did not need to sourcce the script when ive attached the fcc codepen link on the javascript settings.

Hi @TiffTawarar254
The reason your code disappears when you uncomment the <script> is because you’re missing the closing script tag (</script>)

If I can offer some suggestions on using codepen

  • it provides all the head information for you and only expects you to put in the code that goes in between the <body> </body> tags. If you want to make any changes to header info click on the Settings button and put your changes there.
  • it provides you with validators for checking HTML, CSS and JS. In each section click on the down arrow and then the Analyze link for each section you want to check.
    You have many attributes in HTML that are not valid and in CSS you have duplicates and unknown values. All of these combined affect how your page is displayed.

Overall, good concept.

Let us know if any of these helped you.

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Thank you for reaching out, let me correct my code and ill definitely reach back and give a status update.
I actually did not know that codepen provides head info, that’s pretty cool!