Project: Product Landing Page


I just finished the product landing page project. Or, it’s really more of a service landing page for a fictional company. Quite proud actually, seems pretty responsive as far as I’ve tested it.

Hosted it on github pages instead of codepen, but it passes all the tests.

I would appreciate some feedback from fellow campers. Thanks :slight_smile:

apples@home product landing page

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great job. I would scale down the all of the text, and give the cards some sort of hover effect (increase box-shadow, scale up, etc.).

Ahh, I agree. Great tips thank you :slight_smile:

Looks really good, great job!

Also, I know how to make a page on, but how did you get it to work with multiple pages? That’s pretty awesome.

it’s one page, just links to different parts of the page. You can do multiple pages with github pages, though.

Multiple pages on GitHub is easy. Look at the documentation :smile: