Project - Product landing page

Hi everyone!

I’ve just finished my Product landing page project and am looking for some feedback.

Been strugling a little bit with making the header responsive and I’m not 100% sure that the way I did it is the most efficient way.

Every feedback or comment is most welcome!



It is cool. I am neglecting the responsive part. Margin between the cards (package) would make it cleaner. Overall, the webpage is impressive. Good job!

(add margin to the .packages class)

It’s better than the landing page I made when I did these projects. It passes the tests and does what it should do. I don’t love the design, but I never put much focus on design when I first started learning web development. I don’t know why, but when I first started, I tended to use thick, rounded borders like you did. Now though, never. The background image is fine, though.

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Page looks good @tomhermanovsky. Some things to revisit;

  • check that the email field is populated properly when user clicks the submit button.
    • You learned how to do this when you created your survey form
  • this is HTML5 and for the iframe element the frameborder attribute is obsolete. Use CSS

As an aside, when you come back to this revisit your navbar. When a user clicks on a link the top part of the section is hidden behind the navbar.

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this looks realllly nice man, much nicer than the one I did! I like backend and java much more than front end and cs

If i had to point anything out, I would say you could better align your ‘Coach Tom’ header. Its not centered with respect to the content of the page. maybe add some padding to push it over? (again I suck with cs so idk if that will help)

Nice! Yours looks so much better than mine!

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thanks @prayamajhi85

appreciated your comment! I’ve added the margin and it looks bit better indeed. I’ve struggled quite a bit to make it responsive but I’m glad I did in the end!


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Hi @michaelcharnett,

thanks for your comment! Yeah I’ve been struggling with the header part for a bit and I know it’s not centred properly, but at the moment this was the best I could do to keep the header responsive together with its other elements for different screen sizes.
It’s something I’ll look into more in future to be able to manage better.

I’m looking forward to learn java as well, so far only been working out css :slight_smile:


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Thanks @Roma,

I’ve updated the email field and video border.
I need to look more into the anchor issue, thanks for pointing that out for me!

Appreciate your feedback!