Project Question: How Fancy Do They Need To Be?

I’ve started working on the first set of projects for Responsive Web Design. I finished the first two and am working on the third one. I wanted to check on the overall goal of these projects and see if it is as simple as meeting the user story requirements and getting them marked as completed or if there is value to making more complex and highly stylized projects that do beyond just completing the user stories (other than general experience).

I also wanted to see if was possible to resubmit projects with enhancements and improvements.

Thank you!

That is an awesome question. I have asked that to myself many times. My first projects have all “passed the tests”, but some are not that stylized. I personally think my work should be a reflection of what you can do. Projects don’t have to be gorgeous, but they do have to be functional. The key is to have the project reflect what to want people to see. If it’s your skill in design, yes get really deep into the design. If it is function and form, then do a good job with those elements. In other words do what you need to do to show your best side of who you are as a developer.

Yes it’s that simple. I’m not sure what you mean by “marked as completed”. Your projects are not checked by anyone after you submit them. It’s on you to include the test scripts when you submit your project with all tests passing.
The only thing gained by adding a little styling is to gain experience.
If you want, you can always open a topic here for each of your projects and ask for feedback. Someone may point out something that would make it easier to read your page, or navigate you page. You can take suggestions with a grain of salt.

Yes, you can. If you do your projects in codepen and edit the same pen and save your changes you won’t need to resubmit. The changes will be picked up. If you create a new pen to update or redo a project then you’ll need to resubmit the new link.

Thank you for clarifying. I wasn’t clear on the submission guidelines. I’ve used a similar online coding text editor for a class I took that completed the testing upon submission. I didn’t realize I needed to run them manually after completing the project.

Yes you do. If you no longer have the script on codepen, here it is;
<script src=""></script> Just copy/paste it into the HTML section of codepen. It’ll give the hamburger menu, select the appropriate project and run the test. If a test fails, click on the red button to see which test failed and with messages that help you rectify.
The test script should be included, with all tests passing, when you submit your projects.