Project result check (feedback) How?

Good evening coleagues :slight_smile:
I am new in this Forum and new at FreeCodeCamp. I finished my second challenge and sent it (as well as 1st) as was told to be checked.
The problem is both projects has (replit test shows) errors. But when I write code, I do it in Jupyter notebook and check all results. All works well.
How I suppesed to proceed? Wait an answer from FreeCode Camp team? Or …?
Second problem is that all errors describsions say to me nothing :frowning:

Please advise how I am suposed to behave according to FCC rules

If you have errors with the Replit test suite, that means that your code isn’t passing. You should create a post to ask about your errors if you are uncertain how to fix them.

oh, I see, thanks
can you also tell me if Replit checks only an answer, or does it also check the way the answer is got (method)?

The test suite checks if your code returns the correct results.


Thanks for the reply

Could you tell me when should I wait a feedback to my done projects… Will I receave results after their check or it’ll be only in the end of the whole process (when I apply for a certificate)?

You just run the tests. If the tests pass, then you can submit the project. If the tests don’t pass, then you need to fix the code before you submit the project.

ok, I see.
First time I’ve submitted 2 of them with error((
But I’ve corrected all and resubmitted

Continuing to work…

The Replit project runs your code using the sample data AND ALSO runs some tests using test data.
Your Jupyter Notebook probably only does the first part.
The exercise is to pass against the Replit test data, so those errors do need clearing to properly ‘Pass’ the exercise.

Yeah, sure. My submitted second version is cleared


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