Project review/ advice on next step?

I have spent the previous 4 to 5 months coding these 2 projects (there are detail project descriptions in the README of each Github repo):

  1. React YouTube Clone

Live Site

Github repo


if the app does not load anything or the search function doesn’t work, it is very likely the daily YouTube API quota has exceeded. There are only 5000 daily quotas for free usage, and each search costs 100 quotas. If that’s the case there are animated GIFs in my Github repo showing what the app does.

  1. TypeScript e-commerce store

Live Site

Github repo

When I started on FCC a little more than one year ago, I started this post asking what skills I should learn to get myself job-ready. Now it seems I can confidently check all those boxes other than the backend part.

I will start applying for junior roles. But I’d like to have your comments on the issues below:

  1. I only have 2 projects in hand, while I think they are enough to showcase my current skill, is there something like “an average number of projects” one should have? I am asking because I am not sure where I stand when comparing to the others.

  2. From what I saw on YouTube, Reddit etc., it seems algorithm and data structure is a must these days even for junior role? Not sure if this is correct?

  3. Continue from 2, I am not sure if I should be spending time learning algorithm and data structure, learning nodejs to qualify myself as fullstack, or build some more frontend projects to maximize my chance of employment asap. What do you think?

(Side note: I am even thinking of building a real functional Shopify store as that will be useful to start a business with a friend. But that will require me to shift my priority from employment to business startup. While this is an interesting idea, I think I ought to get myself hands-on job experience in web-dev before venturing out for tech related business to make sure I know what I am doing?)

Many thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi @kennykenny.l !

All programming uses algorithms and data structures.
An algorithm is just a step by step process for solving a problem.
And a data structure is just a way to organize data.
For example, an array is a type of data structure.

My point is that you are already using this in your current programming. :grinning:

What are you probably asking about are the technical interviews that ask you about big o notation, binary search trees and other leetcode type questions.

Some companies will ask you those types of whiteboarding questions while others will have you do a take home assignment.
If you want to prepare for the whiteboard challenges, then leetcode is a popular choice.

I haven’t done a whole bunch of interviews but I have been asked to do a take home assignment and was asked a ton of technical questions about javascript and react.

You might luck up and not have to do a whole bunch of whiteboard problems and only do take home challenges. :grinning:
But it seems to vary from company to company.

As for your projects, I think they look good :grinning:

There doesn’t seem to be a perfect number of projects.
You could have your two main projects to showcase and then if you have some smaller projects that would be good to show, you can add those as well.

There is no harm in applying now and seeing what happens.
While you are going through the application process, you can keep learning and building.

Just make sure you have a killer resume because that is the first thing people see.
Also, having a strong linkedin profile can really help.
That is where a ton of recruiters hang out.
If your profile is strong, then they can reach out and help you get interviews.
Danny thompson has a really good linkedin series on youtube you can watch.

Yeah, I agree.
Get a few years of experience under your belt first :grinning:

Hope that helps!


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