Project Review for Survey Form Please!

Hi all!

I have just completed my Survey Form. Any feedback is much appreciated!


Its really good! I personally like the font that you’ve used for all the input labels. :smile: Just 2 things that I would like to tell. The Red color is a bit flashy and takes my eyes off the actual content of the page. And the background image of the world map too is a little distracting. Maybe you can increase the opacity to give your content more importance in your page.
Great work! :+1:t3:


Noted. I changed a few things thanks to your eye. Thank you so much for taking time to look!

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Here’s the thing, I think the site as a whole is too flashy.

Your exploration of different styles and colors is perfect with this type of project. However, I would revisit the color composition of the entire layout because the colors are clashing with one another and the font is a bit harsh to read with that background. Keeping it neutral colors (black, white, gray, navy, etc.) with some colors that jump out at you a different times is not a bad thing. A lot of brightness is to harsh.

It is best to let the borders be fully visible (meaning the top and bottom borders should be showing) if you plan to stick with that color.

Your HTML is really clean though which is commendable.

Try this project again using the same materials but changing some things around like your background size and the color scheme. I have 8 major revisions so far for one of my projects. There is nothing to lose, only to gain. Don’t stop here because you passed this project. You can keep improving it and it will improve you as a person by increasing your imagination. We used to daydream, that rarely happens anymore.

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Noted! Thanks for the feedback!! It seems I’m getting carried away with doing things just because I can. Less is more sometimes! Thank you again!

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