Project review :markdown previewer feedback please

Hi,I have completed my markdown previewer project in React. I need feedback as it is my first react project.

Hi @augsaba !

I have moved your project over to the #project-feedback section.

Here are my thoughts.

Make sure to keep the test suite in your html.

     <script src=""></script>

Right now you are only passing two tests.

You will need to keep working on this project to pass the other ones.

If you need help, just ask the forum.

Remember that this project should already be displaying some markdown when the page first loads.
I would start with that functionality first.
Then you can tackle the other tests.

I also noticed this commented out line


If you want to create multiple components, then I would suggest creating functional components for the preview and editor logic and then nest those components inside the parent component.

You could follow this general structure.

// here is your parent component 
class App extends React.Component{
  // nest the child components in here

//these are the child components 
const Editor = ()=>{
  //editor logic goes here

const Preview = ()=>{
  // preview logic goes here


Hope that helps!

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